Best Practices for Heavy Oil Crude Treatment, Case of Study “Washed Tank”.



The project is based on two enhancements developed to the“washed tank 96,007” that belongs to the Main Station Temblador-1 and whose capacity is 96.000 Barrels. In this particular tank, the total oil production (67,000 BPD) of the heavy area from the Morichal District is dehydrated and pumped for sale purposes. The improvements include the installation of two systems: The first one is a removal system of decanted sediment inside the washed tank, using the potential energy of the hydrostatic column of liquids contained in the Tank. The second one is the installation of an interface proportional control system (water-oil). In general, the proposal that was entirely designed and built in Morichal District of PDVSA, has had an excellent performance, doubling the availability of the washed tank (from 1.5 years to 3 years of service), generating savings in maintenance of 840 MU $/ year. The interface proportional control system is based on a capacitive sensor for measuring the interface height of the tank, replacing the old resistive sensor (on-off control) to improve the measurement of the interface oil/water, thereby enhancing the oil dehydration capacity.

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