Coiled Gas Lift Design Installing at the Well PM02. Morichal District, Venezuela



This paper presents the results obtained with the application of a new artificial lift alternative, which was tried in a heavy oil well that increased the oil production of a gas lift producer well, which was showing holes in the production casing. Heavy oil wells from the Morichal District in Venezuela commonly present corrosion damages and sometimes it reaches the production casing so that wells are currently abandoned. The well PM-02 is located in the Morichal District in Venezuela and it is a heavy oil producer well (12 ºAPI) where a gas lift method is used. Due to the damage in the production casing of the well, it was considered to be abandoned, so it was thought as an excellent opportunity to test the new artificial lift alternative. 

The system is based on the gas injection through a 1.9 inch pipe, which has a special tool inserted in order to inject gas to the bottom of the pipe, and the 1.9 inch pipe is placed inside of a 4.5 inch pipe. The hole in the pipe was isolated utilizing a packing, so

fluids are produce through the annular between the 4.5 and 1.9 inch pipes. 

The pilot test in the well PM-02 was considered successful because the oil production rose from 200 bpd before the test to an average of 1,104 bpd with the new method, and the gas consumption used as gas lift dropped in 500,000 scfd. Nowadays the well is producing with normal operational parameters. This methodology proved to be so successful that it is planned to use it in 20 wells more with an associated oil production of 3,500 bpd.

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