Evaluation of Electric Submersible Pumps for heavy oil. Well CIB 260 – Morichal District, Venezuela.

Ana Sosa, Emmaris Manrique, Marcelo Ramos, Juan Brown / Petróleos de Venezuela S.A, and Jesús Viloria and Farral Gay / Baker Centrilift. 

This paper was prepared for presentation at the 2005 Society of Petroleum Engineers - Gulf Coast Section Electric Submersible Pump Workshop held in The Woodlands, Texas   25-27 April 2007. 


This paper presents the results of the evaluation in field of Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP) specifically designed for works with high viscosity crude oil of Orinoco Belt, the test was made in the horizontal well CIB-260 belonging to Morichal District of PDVSA. In this area, to produce oil of 8° API with diluent injection in bottom until reaching 13 – 14 °API to facilitate the production. 

This equipment is first development specifically for the extra heavy oil of Orinoco Belt, and its stage (impeller + stator) was designed using the experience obtained with the results of conventional ESP in the same area.

The objective of the test was in first place determine if it is possible a reduction in artificial Lift cost in the production area assigned to Morichal District, the issues that was evaluated were: Electric consumption, Required Power and the possibility of an pump efficiency increase 

The evaluation began at January 30 2006, when the ESP installed in the well CIB-260, the pump is still running and the results shows are comparisons about production and electrical consumptions between conventional pumps and new ESP evaluated; obtaining an increase of 6% in the rise efficiency (273 additional BOPD), 23% of reduction in electrical consumption, 11.3% of diminution in total cost of equipment and 15 % in motor reparation. Actually the well CIB 260 with a potential of 1500 BOPD; is producing 1700 BOPD to 40 Hz of operation. 

The results obtained are very important for the future facilities of pumps electrosumergible for high viscosity crude in horizontal wells, that allow to obtain a power saving when operating, diminution in costs and increases of efficiency and production in systems BES.

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