Alternatives for Implantation of Gas Lift in Deep Wells of El Furrial Field

Author(s): J. C. Brown, A. Lopez, F. Guaramata, PDVSA E&P


This paper shows alternatives to conventional gas lift completions used in deep wells (14500 feet) of “El Furrial” field. Advantages besides production increase (1700 BND of oil average per well) are considerable reduction of cost and execution time. 

A Gas Lift project is being carried out in “El Furrial” field due to low reservoir pressure. In 2013 at least 13 wells with 22500 BOPD are scheduled to change production method from Natural Flow to Gas Lift. These activities are expensive (3.5 MMUS$ per job/well), and take about 45 days/job/well. 

Two pilot tests were conducted in two scheduled wells using two proven alternative Gas Lift methods. The first one was a tubing punch made in well FUL-59 (13/04/2013). It was inactive since 01/01/2013 due to Low Tubing Head Pressure. The activity required operation time was only 5 hours and the obtained oil production rate was 1515 BND. Costs Savings for this job was 3.4 MMUS$ (96%). It was a rig less operation for rig time reduction was 45 days. 

On the other hand, on May 10th, Coiled Gas Lift technique was evaluated in well FUL-134 which was also shut down for Low Wellhead Pressure since February 2013. In this case, the production obtained was 1477 BND and cost reductions were 3.2 MMUS$ (92.2%). Time required for well intervention was 12 hours. 

Results indicated that both Gas Lift Techniques are valid and excellent alternatives to reduce execution time of Gas Lift Project in El

Furrial field (585 Rig-Days), with cost reductions of over 90%, maintaining the planned production. 

Likewise, using conventional well completions it would be difficult to accomplish the planned 13 wells interventions and meet production requirements (22.5 MBD). However, it could be possible if the mentioned techniques are used to perform the rest of production method changes this year.

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